“Coaching pays off”

For the coachee:

he/she feels better, more connected, present and lucid about his reality. He regains his motivation and his confidence in addressing new challenges.


For the employer:

it has been shown in an American study (Price Waterhouse) that the ROI (Return On Investment) of coaching is at least seven times greater than its cost.

In general, coaching leads to reflection and understanding. This comprehensive approach allows long-term results to be achieved.
Potentials are optimised by focussing on all aspects of the person and his organisation.



“As a coach, Nicolas helped me maintain my self-confidence by making me aware of my aptitudes and skills and by focusing on my experience.”

“Nicolas listens to you and helps you find the keys that open doors for you ‘within yourself’.”

“Nicolas genuinely listens to his discussion partners. He offered me a real sounding board throughout our discussions, demonstrating a great deal of empathy and at the same time a critical view that was always constructive and respectful.
It’s exactly what I was expecting from a coach; it helped me very practically clarify my choices and take on a new challenge.”

“The economic reality in some areas of business requires those in the field to constantly adapt and to overhaul their
most deep-seated certainties. Faced with these changes, not everyone is up to them, and some employees need support and
external clarification that will help them reorient themselves. It was in this context that I contacted Obvio coaching/AHEAD.
It was a first for me for this type of mission, and I can only encourage you to follow the same path.
This is a real investment in the future and in your human capital. I especially want to thank Mr Goffaux for his sound advice
and his insightful reporting.”
François, General Manager